A Lodge
We are a small, comfortable lodge,
offering quality bed & breakfast service,
with the comforts of home and the extra amenities to
make your stay a memorable vacation.
We are on the outskirts of Panajachel, 10 minutes from downtown.
A Bridge
We are an educational tour service, providing a bridge to the contemporary Mayan world.
We have direct contacts with native healers, naturistas, artists and weavers. Through us your encounters with them become genuine personal experiences.
A Springboard
We are a springboard to memorable outdoor experiences, in a place where nature has been stretched to its limits by a world-class lake,
framed by volcanoes and escarpments, in a
semi-tropical setting of eternal
We know the trails and provide for your
       email: lodge@losencuentros.com           
Posada Los Encuentros
Lodge and Maya Cultural Center 
Atitlan lake Guatemala.
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Tours / Travelservice
Daytours,  Airport Pick up  
Spa & Wellness

Maya Cultur


Posada Los Encuentros
Callejon Chotzar 0-41
B. Jucanya, Panajachel
Solola, Guatemala, Central America
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Tel: (Country code Guatemala) 7762-1603  
Tel: (Country code Guatemala) 7762-2093
Fax:(Country code Guatemala) 7762-1309

skype: adventures in education

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