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Discover the natural side of Atitlan volcano!
With our sustainable tourism program we invite you to discover a jewel of Guatemalan nature.

: Endemics - Horned Guan, Highland Guan, Azure-rumped Tanager, Rufous Sabrewing ...

Coffee and Ornamentals: Come and see how coffee is cultivated and processed and where the ornamental plants come from!

Adventure: Climb the volcano and enjoy a great view over one of the most beautiful pieces on earth!
Adventures in Education, Inc., and Aventuras en Educación, SA, are affiliate companies that collaborate to provide recreational vacations and memorable learning experiences through non-traditional packages tailored to individual and small group interests.
The premier website about Lake Atitlan and the Mayan culture in Guatemala. Exploring everything about the Mayan creation myth, religion, Mayan calendar prediction and Maya astronomy.
Arte Maya Tz'utuhil
Maya Artists from the Highlands of Guatemala
This website deals with the Tz'utuhil-speaking artists mainly from San Pedro la Laguna and its close neighbor San Juan la Laguna.